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The Technical Training Institute just celebrated 17 years offering  the most comprehensive professional development and contractor license exam prep courses in the industry


 Did you know over 90% of TTI students pass their 

 licensing exams the first time?



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We take the anxiety out of the

testing process. Our courses cover hundreds of sample test questions

in two fast-paced days for NC electrical, plumbing and

heating applicants.


Engaging, multi-media

presentations teach real-world

skills our students use the very

next day in the field. 


Over 90% of TTI students learn to

use the code books and apply

simple techniques to pass their license exams the first time



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 NC Heating H-3

 NC Heating H-2 & H-1

 NC Plumbing P-I & P-II

 Specialty Electrical SP-PH

 NC  Limited, Int, U Electrical

 Electrical 8 - Hour CE

 Wrightsoft HVAC Design Courses

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Design Services:    No time or staff to run loads?


TTI now offers more economical pricing for load estimating and hvac system design services.


Our mechanical design staff starts with a detailed residential survey/analysis and provides complete room by room loads based on your specifications. This program also offers technical assistance, design reviews and field consultation services.


Technical excellence, responsive scheduling, and fast, efficient results are just a few of the benefits of TTI's design services.




Research and Development:  In 2012, a collaborative effort between contractors and leading chemists resulted in a polymeric sealant that cures "Dirty-Sock Syndrome", the coil-odor problem that has plagued the hvac industry for decades. 


VindEX Ultra is the only field-applied cure for "dirty-sock" syndrome, that locker-room smell that affects aluminum coils.  With a 100% success rate; professional application takes only minutes instead of weeks,  greatly reducing the downtime required to seal the coil and eliminate all odors.  Did we mention it's cost efficient? Less than $70 to seal and protect a residential system.


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