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Load Estimating & hvac Design Services



You’ve heard the news by now . . .


Section 312.1 of the 2012 NC Mechanical Code requires load estimates & Manual-S Equipment Selection calculations to be submitted with permit applications.  More and more building departments across the state are enforcing Section 312.1




If you need to run room by room load estimates on residential and commercial plans or entire projects, but can't commit the time or the staff, now you have the resources. Technical excellence, responsive scheduling, and fast, efficient results are just a few of the benefits of our design services.


Load Estimating: TTI now offers load estimating services. Our mechanical design staff starts with a detailed plan analysis that determines the correct size of HVAC equipment based on the home’s design features, and provides complete room by room loads based on your specifications. This program also offers technical assistance, design reviews, and field consultation services.


System Design: A properly designed HVAC system is not only more comfortable but is more energy efficient.  The result is conditioned air that will be distributed evenly and efficiently throughout the house, ensuring comfort in every space.  The correctly sized system will keep humidity to a minimum and reduce the threat of mold.  You can rest assured that the HVAC system will have an efficiently designed ventilation pathway, sizing the ducts and components properly.



Submitting your plans couldn't be easier,

use the link below and let us do the work.


Forward your plans/drawings to:



[FrontPage File Upload Component]







Load Estimates include:


·   Wrightsoft  room-by-room load estimate

·  Room air loads for duct system design

·  Equipment selection data

·  Summary sheet for required equipment selection 



 Other TTI Consulting Services:


·  AutoCAD drawings and duct system designs

·  Manual-D duct designs for Green Building Certification

        ·  Complete residential system design and 

           specification services

·  Field services and system commissioning services




Structure Size / Pricing

·     up to 2000 ft² - $200.00

·     2001 ft² to 2499 ft² - $250.00

·     2500 ft² to 3499 ft² - $350.00

·     3500 ft² to 4499 ft² - $450.00

·     4500 ft² to 5499 ft² - $550.00

·     5500 ft² to 6499 ft² - $650.00

·     6500 ft² to 7499 ft² - $750.00

·     7500 ft² to 10,000 ft² - $850.00

·     10,000 ft² to 12500 ft² - $1,100.00





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